so i dont really watch the bachelor…

at least not in the way that ‘OMG hot guys/girls, must watch them fight over one potential spouse!” lol. no. i only watch it to see all the places they go. i know, im strange. :P i cant wait until they go swimming with sharks! :D
this season, i actually kinda started the watching the show for what it’s meant to be. since the very first episode, ive been a fan of emily, and  although i really want her to win, i want her to be happy and find love, even if its not on the show.
i also really like vampire girl, madison i think? she seems so nice and genuine!

the two of them - im rooting for them. they both seem genuinely nice, and in the end, i think thats more important than “fireworks in the backhground when you have your first kiss.”
seriously, that girl is mentally ill. and im not saying that like ‘haha shes retarded.’ seriously, i think she’s psychotic. everyone ‘wants brad all for themselves’ but you dont go around saying ‘i want everyone else dead.’


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